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Michigan Comments

Grand Rapids Ranch B & B
Condition Positive Neutral Negative Condition Positive Neutral Negative
Host availability upon arrival 0 0 0 24 hour monitoring 0 0 0
Friendliness of host 0 0 0 Proximity to food and lodging 0 0 0
Cleanliness of facilities 0 0 0 Facilities as represented 0 0 0
Security of facilities 0 0 0 Overall satisfaction 0 0 0
Adequacy of stalls 0 0 0 Total Scores 0 0 0

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Condition Positive Neutral Negative Condition Positive Neutral Negative
Host availability upon arrival 19 0 0 24 hour monitoring 19 0 0
Friendliness of host 19 0 0 Proximity to food and lodging 16 3 0
Cleanliness of facilities 19 0 0 Facilities as represented 19 0 0
Security of facilities 19 0 0 Overall satisfaction 19 0 0
Adequacy of stalls 19 0 0 Total Scores 168 3 0
Comments: "Very, very friendly. They tried very hard, gave the kids a tour of their property and even made breakfast. They have a very nice guest room and were very accommodating. Very clean farm and they were happy to see me even at 1:00a.m. (bad traffic through Chicago). Nice arena. Ok distance off of freeway, fairly easy to find.". . . (8/10/03) - "Just wanted to let others know I would reccomend Bill and Lana's place. Both for you and your horses! They were waiting when we arrived (late!) and were gracious and accommodating. The room they rent is also very comfortable with a private entrance and bath. I felt very secure with our horses so close. Very close to I-80. Thanks!!". . .(1/5/05) - "Not only were the hosts, Mr. & Mrs. Jungjohan, available they even took me to their favorite restaurant that I thoroughly enjoyed.". . .(4/28/05) - ". . . Your ranch is the coolest ever . . .". . .(6/5/06) - "Made my three-legged move from MN to OH much more enjoyable! My horses were so relaxed.". . .(6/11/06) - "This place is very clean, easy access, and lots of space for your horses to stretch their legs. I loved it and look forward to my next stay!! Be careful not to hurt Freckles the duck!". . . (11/8/06) - "Great hosts and wonderful facility...very clean (no mud) with huge stalls, great turnout and easy trailer parking. Stayed with them on our trip out and back and would highly recommend Bill and Lana as hosts.". . .(5/22/07) - "This is one of the best equine facilities in the Michiana area (SW MI and NW IN). The farm is beautiful, the hosts very friendly and knowledgeable about horses, and a great location! I cannot recommend them enough!". . . (10/19/08) - "Beautiful tidy farm (picture doesn't do it justice). Friendly, helpful hosts. Easy access in and out. Great place to stop over when traveling cross country with horses.". . . (10/30/09) - "Other food and lodging was not necessary so I cannot comment on that aspect. Otherwise, this was a great facility and the owners were willing to take care of what ever needs we had. Thanks for a great stay.". . . (7/31/12) - "This place was great! We rolled in with 7 horses and were treated super! They made us breakfast and offered us dinner... super arena to ride in.". . . (8/2/13) - "I would recommend this facility to anyone! Lana and Bill greet you when you arrive. A stall, paddock area or round pen is immediately available when you arrive. Everything, barn and room, is wonderfully clean and tidy. Thought has been given to horse safety and human comfort. For travelers, this is the perfect respite. We stayed 3 days while we picked up a new horse and had another horse visiting a health clinic near by. The hosts were helpful and I cannot stress enough how comfortable the facility was. We had just trailered my horse over 9 hours. How wonderful to pull in here and have her relaxed, eating hay within minutes of arriving. Just 3 miles off Route 80/90, the location is perfect. We will definitely return!". . . (10/5/13) - "Great hosts, great facility. Bill & Lana were there to greet you. Horses' stalls were bedded and with full water buckets. Hookup next to barn. Easy access from Rte. 80. They even drove us to dinner so we didn't have to unhook our truck. Nice people. Nice place. Highly recommend.". . . (7/31/14) - "Amazing spot, would layover here again! Great facility and hosts. We were late and had a stallion and they happily accommodated us. Easy to get to from I-80. Highly recommend!!". . . (10/14/14) - "Lana and Bill opened their home and barn to us at the last minute. We were relocating from Vermont to Nebraska and had encountered an unforeseen delay. Our change in schedule led us to Circle J and we could not have been more pleased. Human and animal accommodations were impeccable. I only wished we could have spent more time at breakfast with Lana and Bill. This location is truly a gem for travelers.". . . (7/20/15) - "Extremely neat location and nice human facilities, too. Host was right there to great us and get us settled in. Would definitely stay here again.". . . (7/20/15) - "Very clean and beautiful facility I would highly recommend this horse inn!! Very kind!". . . (9/15/15) - "Great place; clean, large stalls. Very friendly hosts.". . . (3/19/16) - "Bill, Lana and their facility were wonderful. It was our first time staying at a horse hotel in our 10 years of traveling east to west. It will be hard to beat and even harder to not stop in on future trips."

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